02:37 Abide with me
02:54 Alleluia! sing to jesus
05:19 abide with me!
06:53 Abide with me - john cornish
04:49 Abide with me - a cappella - eclipse - official - on itunes
03:24 Nothing between
04:27 Abide with me - libera
05:15 Abide with me hymn - gods country
04:59 Abide with me eventide
04:14 The nathaniel dett chorale - abide with me
05:56 He must reign
05:25 John cornish: abide with me - cu concert choir
07:22 Jesus is ing again
05:55 Abide with me; ‘tis eventide
02:13 Just as i am
05:21 Matt redman - abide with me live
02:58 Dont forget the sabbath
05:38 Abide with me
03:15 Abide with me - congregational singing
11:17 Redeemed to reach up to god ||pr gemane gedaliah getteh ||part of
06:19 Kirsten flagstad abide with me liddle
05:21 Matt redman - abide with me live/lyrics and chords
04:01 Abide with me with lyrics - magnificat meal movement choir
06:43 Beams of heaven ||mt olives church choir
02:06 Take my life and let it be
02:09 Abide with me - hayley westenra
04:11 Abide with me with vocals
43:36 By beholding we bee changed ||isaac twinomujuni ||musdaa-bs
02:56 Be still, my soul
05:32 The reach of the redeemer ||pr gemane gedaliah getteh ||part of
05:18 Peace be still ||mt olives church choir
05:12 Lead thou me
03:52 And can it be
04:20 Abide with me - matt redman/arr heather sorenson
33:14 Galatians: the road to faith
03:11 Day by day
02:13 All the way my sor leads me
02:17 Advents songs - how cheering is the christians hope
03:39 Messianic music | abide in me by bjoy
02:00 Guide me o thou great jehovah
08:29 She was stopped by simon to chose another song and she did what she did stun the judges !
03:03 It is well with my soul
03:27 I will be there ||mt olives church choir
03:00 A child of the king
18:50 My family for the glory of god ||pr gemane gedaliah getteh
03:22 Abide with me - a cappella hymns
03:12 On a hill far away
06:46 Abide with me
02:32 He leadeth me
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