03:02 Because he lives
03:59 Because he lives i can face tomorrow
02:11 This is my fathers world
05:29 Because he lives
02:38 Because he lives
02:54 In the garden
04:15 “because he lives i can face tomorrow” gospel cover
03:03 It is well with my soul
03:27 Bill & gloria gaither - because he lives live ft gaither vocal band
02:49 Seeking the lost
02:28 Amazing grace
05:02 Because he lives amen - prestonwood choir & orchestra
03:31 Great is thy faithfulness
04:16 Amazing grace - rhema yr old gospel singer plz share
05:43 Because he lives
02:05 Showers of blessings
05:00 Hell do it again -with lyrics
04:00 Because he lives
05:31 how great thou art sings sampaguita
03:24 Because he lives, instrumental by matt maher
04:26 Because he lives instrumental
02:10 Draw me nearer
03:47 Matt maher - because he lives amen - band performance
04:29 Chris tomlin - amazing grace my chains are gone
09:45 Sda hymns
03:13 How great thou art
04:31 Ancient words
06:17 Burdens are lifted at calvary - jimmy swaggart ministries
02:04 Because he lives child ending
04:40 Because he lives by new dawn
02:05 Wonderful words of life
02:46 God will take care of you
05:16 Because he lives i can face tomorrow by sam philip
04:56 Matt maher - because he lives amen: tutorial
03:42 Matt maher - because he lives amen: song sessions
04:23 Bill gaither trio - brcause he lives
05:09 Matt maher - because he lives amen - live
03:19 Take the world but give me jesus
05:12 Because he lives karaoke_p
05:29 Because he lives
02:16 My hope is built on nothing less
03:09 Because he lives 因祂活著 - fingerstyle guitar tab
04:25 To god be the glory - seventh-day adventist hymnal no
02:19 God of our fathers
02:06 Take my life and let it be
03:41 Blessed assurance
04:34 Acappella - because he lives
03:30 Because he lives by gaither vocal band
01:51 Paradise kung-fu part
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