04:11 Blender game engine and max/msp audio input
03:23 Blender game engine - part - sound actuator time python
01:21 Blender real time audio visualization
39:50 Using sound to drive animation in blender
03:06 Max/msp/jitter violin wii sensor live
04:45 Music to pure data to osc to blender game engine
08:38 Particle control script for the blender game engine
10:22 How to build a max for live device: part - introduction
09:54 Max msp beginner tutorial
00:50 Blender max/msp jitter glsl
06:31 Larry graham right hand technique
11:20 - blender editing speed up & slow down audio/ | snap strips option
02:43 Blender addon demo i sound visualization with arewo
06:01 Max/msp live coding
07:04 Phocsy - live performance ableton live max/msp/jitter
02:43 Tvis control with maxmsp and servo part rpm using audio input
04:21 Sample chest creative piracy tool
03:26 Audio-visual feedback system by max/msp
04:26 Audio freeze - max/msp/jitter spectral sound processing
04:57 Max/msp invisible violin
00:48 Max/msp sound input
03:35 Prototyping a game sound engine in max/msp
12:40 Workflow for creating custom textures
00:45 Game audio factory
08:48 Introduction to maxmsp: audio buffers
04:57 Interactive childrens game max msp jitter
02:11 Seymour animation collada import, export, import
14:01 A spectral layer
04:46 d cad game engine cool apps!
01:33 Pong game using max/msp and flash
06:26 Max/msp tutorial beginner - basic stutter effect awesomeness in a box!
09:38 Space invaders!! max/msp audio engine
10:44 Delicious max/msp tutorial : vocoder
01:12 Max msp: non-obvious audio effects with the delay~ object
01:22 Max/msp flash voice controller game; voicepong
00:56 Audio visualizer in blender game engine
05:34 Cycling max/msp/jitter tutorials: play a movie
16:45 Delicious max/msp tutorial : pfft~ is your friend
02:37 d audio sound objects with blender binaural hearing using headphones
23:15 Tutorial: seamless teleporting! blender game engine
16:24 Delicious max/msp tutorial : dubstep wobble bass!
07:46 Max/msp tutorial - jonny greenwood style stutter effect
02:37 Extreme time strehing - max/msp/jitter spectral sound processing
07:06 Blender real-time lipsync tool from microphone
11:10 Delicious max/msp tutorial : pih shifting
05:14 Blender game engine bako and the sipirit of rain
12:33 Blender / - python & bge tutorial iniciantes introdução
10:00 Maxmsp tutorial - the very basics
00:41 Blender sound visualization i thingies part
00:28 Audio visualizer blender python
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