03:31 Blessed assurance
03:03 Abide with me
03:24 Higher ground im pressing on the upward way
04:31 Softly and tenderly
03:19 The sweet by and by
05:07 Nearer, my god, to thee
02:57 Rock of ages
02:54 Trust and obey
03:02 The royal wedding- guide me o thou great redeemer
03:08 tis so sweet to trust in jesus
03:59 Because he lives i can face tomorrow
03:18 I will sing the wondrous story
04:05 What a friend we have in jesus
03:35 It is well with my soul
02:56 Amazing grace
03:31 Just as i am, without one plea
03:15 Are you washed in the blood
04:41 Amazing love and can it be
04:08 Blessed assurance
02:49 What a day that will be
03:21 Jesus paid it all
05:14 Amazing grace - best version by far!
04:17 What a friend we have in jesus
05:37 Blessed assurance, lyrics, fanny crosby
05:17 The stranger of galilee
03:38 Great is thy faithfulness
07:56 Soweto gospel choir - amazing grace most beautiful version!!
03:15 At calvary
03:14 If i could hear my mother pray again
03:55 My jesus, i love thee
02:02 The lily of the valley
02:31 All the way my sour leads me
02:46 I heard the voice of jesus say
03:20 The love of god
01:33 Standing on the promises
02:28 There is power in the blood
04:22 Blessed assurance lyrics worship always
05:09 It is well with my soul
03:37 Blessed assurance live
03:51 Shirley caesar sings blessed assurance
03:32 God will take care of you
03:10 Day by day
04:55 Bill & gloria gaither - blessed assurance live ft larry ford, lillie knauls
41:01 old timeless gospel hymns classics
03:43 All to jesus i surrender
03:27 My sours love
07:17 blessed assurance - live
03:24 Blessed assurance with lyrics
02:30 Take my hand, precious lord - jim reeves
02:18 Shall we meet beyond the river
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