03:18 My father is rich
05:26 A wonderful sour
03:09 Love divine
02:57 O let me walk with thee my god
03:28 Does jesus care
02:44 Take my life
03:00 He leadeth me
03:10 My jesus i love thee
04:00 Dont forget the sabbath
02:43 My father is rich in houses and lands
02:45 In the heart of jesus
55:31 Relaxation hymns
02:26 There is a place of quiet rest
03:25 Faith is the victory
02:12 My maker and my king
02:09 O day of rest and gladness
03:34 Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night baptist hymnal #
02:29 Redeemed, how i love to proclaim it!
03:33 A child of the king
02:26 Ive found a friend
02:42 Give me the bible
04:53 A child of the king - martha reed garvin
03:03 I am thine, o lord- congregational singing
03:18 I will sing of jesus love
02:59 To god be the glory
02:23 Holy, holy, holy
03:22 Does jesus care
03:06 Safe in the arms of jesus
03:04 Stand up, stand up for jesus
02:43 Lift up the trumpet jesus is ing again
03:51 我父是王my father is rich in houses and lands
02:51 Give me the bible
03:21 Oh, let me walk with thee - christian berdahl
02:54 Live out thy life
02:24 There shall be showers of blessing
02:47 Sweeter as the years go by
02:20 I am thinking today_piano
03:42 Fill my cup lord
03:49 Love lifted me
02:04 I sing the mighty power of god
03:58 I am thine, oh lord, best hymns!
09:31 A child of the king song and hymn history
03:58 All to jesus i surrender all
05:29 Because he lives
02:34 tis so sweet to trust in jesus
02:11 A child of the king- congregational singing
03:18 Tell me the old old story
03:30 Lift him up
01:57 Years i spent in vanity and pride
02:22 God will take care of you
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