02:04 No way lyrics - avps
02:00 These days of summer lyrics from a very potter sequel
04:20 Not alone from avpm
02:50 Stutter lyrics - avps
04:39 Harry freakin potter - lyrics on screen
03:09 This is the end - avpsy - lyrics
02:23 Voldemort is going down from avpm
03:52 Granger danger - avpm - with lyrics
05:49 Not over yet - lyrics on screen
03:14 The coolest girl lyrics from a very potter sequel
04:13 Sidekick | a very potter senior year | lyrics
09:51 Going back to hogwarts-a very potter musical-lyrics
02:39 Gettin along - lyrics on screen
03:12 Those voices, avps - with lyrics
03:21 Guys like potter - lyrics on screen
05:49 Not over yet avps with lyrics
02:53 Status quo lyrics starship
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02:21 Different as can be from avpm
02:45 missing you from starkidpotters avpm lyrics
02:18 voldemort is going down starkidpotters avpm lyrics
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01:45 Harry potter in seconds
04:35 Harry freakin potter avps with lyrics
03:20 Even though mamd w/lyrics
02:48 Stutter avps with lyrics!
02:31 Harry from avpm
03:52 Granger danger
03:15 The coolest girl avps with lyrics!
04:11 Senior year | a very potter senior year | lyrics
09:56 Back to hogwarts from a very potter musical lyrics
03:19 A very potter sequel - the coolest girl
02:10 A very potter sequel - days of summer
02:02 Days of summer :d
03:56 To have a home avps with lyrics!
02:02 Days of summer avps with lyrics
06:40 A very potter sequel act part
04:02 To have a home - a very potter sequel - with lyrics
04:14 Avps - stutter
02:52 Starship- status quo added lyrics!
02:52 A very potter sequel - stutter
03:50 Days of summer and goin back to hogwarts reprise from a very potter sequel
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01:17 We dont wanna be sued
37:39 A very potter senior year - soundtrack
04:01 Harry freaking potter :d
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00:37 Tom felton reacts to a very potter musical
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