38:59 Pope francis in the usa - arrival at washington
00:00 Vatican media live
17:33 pope francis angelus - -
59:47 Pope francis in the usa- wele ceremony and visit to the president
08:34 Pope francis in the usa-visit to congress of the united states of america
51:08 Pope francis in the usa-holy mass in madison square garden
37:40 - homage to the statue of the immaculate conception
05:52 - general audience
48:14 pope francis in myanmar - holy mass in the kyaikkasan ground
01:31 The most universal of team efforts
26:01 - celebration of holy mass
38:51 Pope francis in cuba-farewell ceremony at the airport
02:12 Pope francis in the us - visit to a school and meeting with immigrants
21:59 Pope francis in the usa-interreligious meeting at ground zero
06:54 pope francis receives the president of the usa in audience
23:15 - pope francis in fatima - wele ceremony
03:07 Pope francis meets with patriarch kirill - part -
12:59 angelus domini
34:53 Pope francis in the usa-holy mass and canonization of fr junipero serra
59:07 pope francis in colombia – weling ceremony - bogotà
05:52 - holy mass in suffrage of deceased cardinals and bishops
25:46 Pope francis in the usa-vespers with clergy
57:27 - pope in bangladesh - visit to the president and meeting with authorities
34:38 Arrival of pope francis in georgia -
00:51 The new image of vatican munications
47:30 - conference on the future of the european project rethinking europe
07:52 general audience
57:37 Pope francis in cuba - wele ceremony in havana
32:32 pope francis in colombia - stopover at the reconciliation cross
59:03 pope francis meets with catholic munity shalom
41:45 Thanksgiving holy mass for the canonization of mother teresa -
41:03 Pope francis in the usa - holy mass concluding the world meeting of families
12:27 - general audience
26:17 from vatican city: link-up with the international space station
44:23 procession and holy mass on ash wednesday
14:37 - pope francis in bangladesh -interreligious and ecumenical meeting for peace
56:47 midnight mass of christmas
39:03 Pope francis in kenya: meeting with the youth -
31:25 - audience to the vatican foundation joseph ratzinger-benedict xvi
00:08 Pope francis in kenya: celebration of holy mass in nairobi -
39:20 Pope francis in the usa - visit to detainees
14:25 - general audience
02:19 - prayer celebration for peace in south sudan and in the democratic republic of congo
14:00 - mass for latin america
16:52 - holy mass for all the victims of war
58:19 pope francis in sweden - ecumenical event with the world lutheran federation
37:27 Pope francis in the usa - visit to the united nations
12:36 Pope francis in the usa - greetings and farewell ceremony
08:54 - general audience
06:33 Pope francis in cuba-meeting with families in santiago and blessing of the city
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