42:08 Popes fulfills prophecy
00:00 Aftv - amazing facts television
11:32 There is something theyre not telling us! -
09:52 Popes new sunday keeping appeal
08:34 Terrifying prophecy written in about barack obama and pope francis
04:37 What is the mark of the beast, part
10:12 Secret vatican memo leaked why pope benedict xvi resigns! breaking pope john paul ii news!
04:54 Translation of kenh copelands tongues prayer for pope francis
23:22 Islam & christianity in prophecy
02:49 Revelation: the bride, the beast & babylon — share this!
15:00 Warning signs in america: prophetic events around the world shocking
03:32 Princess diana: paul burrell makes shocking new claims about late royal
15:36 Nephilim: the mystery schools of the wahers - their names & duties; trans-humanism
15:06 Pope francis superstar
12:17 Pope & the false prophet unite pt
49:50 Mark taylor august - time to unite!! - mark taylor prophecy
04:54 Michael - a broken mind restored
03:16 Amazing fact of faith - languages
02:58 Amazing facts of faith — mon swift
53:53 The last pope - saint malachy - petrus romanus - peter the roman documentary
14:45 Popes fulfills prophecy part
12:44 Tesla & the philadelphia experiment, hyperspace jump interdimentional portals & time travel
04:42 Revelation - behind the scenes #
19:33 Signs in the heavens the bible truth - lion of prophecy tv | carl and brandon gallups
09:52 Popes francis new sunday law appeal - doug bahelor
25:07 Gods final warnings begin solar eclipse is biblical warning!!
15:00 Signs of change: prophecy happening around the world!
05:40 Amazing facts - building for eternity
09:44 Amazing facts: building for eternity extended
12:13 Sunday sermons: pope francis and those pharisaical christians again
26:01 Dd: second king of ancient israel documentary
53:41 The world in crisis: ww imminent! how long have we got
28:34 Perry stone reveals the hidden rapture prophecy! | sid roths its supernatural!
05:28 Nikolas tesla and time travel experiments - uss eldridge philadelphia experiment
08:25 Dateline israel : signs in the heavens of a four blood moon tetrad in and oct ,
25:59 Solomon: king of privilege documentary
39:44 last pope will be under the control of satan - fatima rd prophecy
13:39 Behind the scenes - revelation: the bride, the beast & babylon
20:10 Antichrist pope of bible prophecy exposed - the shocking truth
05:00 Dean dennis - the greatest wish
13:28 Lost knowledge, mystery civilizations: the world during the time of the wisest man, king solomon
26:09 Is jesus god really
43:22 Pastor doug bahelor - our greatest need - amazing desciples seminar
01:01 Revelation: the bride, the beast & babylon
03:17 Amazing facts of faith — arecibo observatory
20:09 Breaking news from china
04:12 Amazing facts of faith — sargasso sea
25:17 Heaven is for real
03:30 Changed lives — the ultimate liberation
02:33 Amazing facts of faith: episode — the hummingbird
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