21:32 The biggest vatican secret revealed!
10:19 dark dirty secrets of catholic church exposed
19:40 Vatican secret whats really behind closed doors
25:12 Behind the closed doors of the vatican
12:39 Real name of jesus
07:04 The real third secret of fatima
58:04 Dark secrets of the catholic church; ex nun confesses
10:12 Secret vatican memo leaked why pope benedict xvi resigns! breaking pope john paul ii news!
19:40 Aliens and the vatican
05:30 dark secrets of vatican city - smallest country in the world
03:16 Pope francis declares lucifer as god
36:53 Wah this and you will know were in end times!
27:25 The reason nasa never returned to the moon documentary
16:13 Satans throne at the vaticanweird!!!!!!!
10:31 Catholic exorcist warns: pope francis is not the legitimate pope & satan has taken over the throne
03:59 Want your mind blown wah this length the vatican rules the world
03:37 Why the pope resigned - arrest warrant
34:03 The vatican exposed: its dark dark dark secret now exposed
17:31 Is hell real what does the bible actually say about hell
09:58 Uncanny vatican anomalies
05:23 His name and mark revealed antichrist the mark of the beast
10:57 The vaticans millennia secret - lucifer literally in the vatican
28:11 The last days of pope john paul ii - the untold stories cnn
02:39 dirty secrets of the catholic church
48:56 Revealed; the men who own and run the u s government
52:36 The vatican is preparing for the arrival of an alien god
06:55 Angels & demons revealed
06:43 Secrets of fatima by mother angilica
09:24 Obama banned this - gee, i wonder why!
09:23 Lilith - demon and first wife of adam
18:16 Catholic church exposed- satan in the vatican
12:49 Vatican secret archives - exposed - must share
54:56 Nephilim: true story of satan, fallen angels, giants, aliens, hybrids, elongated skulls & nephilim
02:29 % proof pope francis is antichrist
01:44 Wrath of god interrupts pope benedicts speech
18:30 A new pope and the most corrupt vatican since the borgias
35:38 Tell me that this is a joke - crazy televangelists
04:09 Stuff they dont want you to know - vaticans archives
12:45 Yahuwah is his name
02:03 Arhivele secrete ale vaticanului - lux in arcadia
09:00 How i entered the vatican secret archives
08:54 The vatican secret archives
28:34 Aliens in the vatican | tom horn & cris putnam | sid roths its supernatural!
10:15 Name of god in hebrew
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10:01 Satan in the vatican
25:47 Vatican secrets and book archieves exposed documentary
01:06 Haarp-accidental footage!! ps: not for wimps
16:15 Vatican secrets
52:51 Vatican disclosure -- steve quayle w/ tom horn
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