03:54 The horse charge
06:40 Ride of the rohirrim
05:48 The battle of waterloo - charge of the british heavy cavalry
02:02 La charge à eylau - le colonel chabert
02:14 Husaria - the polish-lithuanian winged hussars
09:47 The lighthorsemen - charge at beersheba
03:23 Taras bulba - army gathering the ride to dubno
02:50 Sharpes waterloo - prince of oranges cavalry charge
07:14 The battle of cannae
02:33 Hbo band of brothers: german generals speech
02:55 Britains most massacred regiments th and th centuries
06:10 Battle of bronkhorstspruit
01:07 Lit: apache attack and cavalry charge on the axis of action stagecoach
01:50 Best war scene ever
03:49 Gettysburg th maine bayo charge at little round top
07:08 Le soleil dausterlitz
04:33 The lighthorsemen - battle of gaza
05:50 The lighthorsemen - ambushing the ambushers
01:54 The battle of abu klea - british troops do battle with fanatics
01:34 Michael wittmann tiger destroys russian t medals german ww ss tank ace
04:18 Rohirrim charge battle of the pelennor fields
02:37 Battle of waterloo: french cavalry charge
01:28 Deutschland über alles - german anthem
01:35 Kingdom of war trailer
09:41 Battle of prostki - october ,
02:09 Young winston - british cavalry charge at omdurman
06:51 Ancient celts ~ th legion
10:01 The battle of lena arn the kingdom at the end of the road
04:56 Zulu - final attack
04:35 Last samurai battle
01:33 March to the alma
07:58 Epic battles montage
03:16 The charge of the light brigade - original trailer
04:25 Last samurai - final battle
04:54 The devils brigade - the canadians arrive
01:36 The battle of el teb
13:21 Trenches p-
03:43 March of the templars
02:35 The ultimate cavalry tribute
02:54 Barry lyndon la marche avant la charge
04:19 The patriot - the final charge p
01:14 The eagle movie clip - open the gates
02:43 The patriot: battle of camden
02:30 Garry owen in glory!
11:44 Top battle speeches in movies
04:59 The last samurai - last battle
00:31 Amazing battle scene - poland-lithuania fight teutonic knights
01:26 A szárnyas huszárok tiszteletére/ my tribute to the polish winged hussars
02:43 Last cavalry charge | stuff that i find interesting
07:44 The battle of crécy
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