03:20 The lords our rock
02:54 A shelter in the time of storm
02:18 A shelter in the time of storm
03:06 My hope is built on nothing less
02:30 The lords our rock
04:04 Just over the mountains
05:33 The lords our rock
04:19 Will your anchor hold
01:53 Hes able
03:17 O safe to the rock
02:27 I will early seek the sor
05:10 Tis so sweet to trust in jesus
03:42 Look upon jesus
02:09 Kids worship songs - the lord is my rock | freedom kids
02:57 Sda hymnal # a shelter in the time of storm - columbia sda church
03:03 The lords our rock
02:36 When we all get to heaven
02:41 The sor is waiting
04:49 The lord is my rock - chris dupre
02:35 Faith of our fathers
02:52 Wake the song
04:04 Wah ye saints
02:48 O now i see the crimson wave
03:34 When we walk with the lord
03:19 Tell me the story of jesus
04:00 Dont forget the sabbath
03:00 He leadeth me
03:01 When all my labors and trials are oer
02:13 Rock of ages cleft for me
04:00 A wonderful sour
02:52 I shall see the king
02:09 O worship the lord
03:05 There is no friend like jesus christ
02:21 O love that wilt let me go
02:07 Springs of living water
04:23 Great is thy faithfulness
02:38 Take the name of jesus with you
02:17 When the roll is called up yonder w/ lyrics
02:11 Power in the blood
01:27 When he eth
04:05 We will keep our faith alive
02:47 A shelter in time of storm
03:32 Jesus is a rock in a weary land - a shelter in a time of storm - gloria bailey
03:33 New life in christ
02:44 Tis so sweet to trust in jesus
02:12 The lily of the valley
04:12 Id rather have jesus
04:21 Master the tempest is raging peace, be still
02:20 I have decided to follow jesus
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