02:44 Wah ye, saints
01:46 Tell it to every kindred and nation
02:54 A shelter in the time of storm
06:21 Wah ye saints - congregational
02:45 Seeking the lost
02:26 In a little while we are going home
02:33 Jesus is ing again
02:35 Tis so sweet to trust in jesus
02:54 In the garden
03:57 I cannot tell why
02:58 Dont forget the sabbath
02:10 Leaning on the everlasting arms
02:38 Because he lives
01:48 Gleams of the golden morning
02:16 Marching to zion
03:16 Marvalous grace
02:40 When we all get to heaven
03:40 A migty fortress
03:13 How great thou art
02:11 This is my fathers world
01:54 As water to the thirsty
02:59 Sotly and tenderly
41:01 old timeless gospel hymns classics
02:19 Lord, im ing home
03:03 It is well with my soul
42:08 Popes fulfills prophecy
03:25 We know not the hour - morning hymn of worship - sheridan il seventh-day adventist church
04:04 Wah ye saints
02:32 I must tell jesus
01:57 Come, thou every fount of blessing
02:04 Love divine
02:46 God will take care of you
01:57 Joy by and by
01:56 Live out thy life within me
02:13 All the way my sor leads me
02:22 Give me the bible
03:23 And can it be
02:32 He leadeth me
02:26 When the roll is called up yonder
05:43 Because he lives
03:31 Great is thy faithfulness
02:24 Higher ground
03:00 A child of the king
01:32 Chief of sinners
02:58 Trust and obey
02:08 We are living, we are dwelling
02:11 All the way my sour leads me
03:11 Day by day
02:16 My hope is built on nothing less
02:24 I need the prayers
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